Rhonda Waechter, RYT

Hello.  Thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Rhonda Waechter, I've been actively practicing yoga for over five years.  My love for yoga grew over that time and it soon became apparent to me that I wanted to gain a deeper understanding and share the knowledge that I was learning.

My journey with yoga first began when I moved to Walkerton from the other side of Toronto.  It was a huge adjustment and to help I started going to the local yoga studio.  I took a beginners series and discovered that yoga was much more than just lying around or waving your arms about.  Savasana (that part at the very end where you lie like the dead in (aptly named,) corpse pose,) began as something to suffer and wiggle through until finally I could leave! I know.. shocking admission! yet very true..  I had no idea the importance of savasana to a practice.  In fact, many would suggest (including me,) it's the most important part of the entire yoga class!

The physical practice or asanas, are just one of eight limbs of yoga and the power that yoga has on your life - physically, emotionally and spiritually is profound if you trust and open yourself up.

I became a registered certified yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance in 2018.  Trained through the DevaTree School of Yoga in cross-disciplinary(TM) yoga, graduating with my 200 hour certification in Owen Sound, Ontario.   Continuing on, I recently graduated from an additional 5OYTT Restorative yoga training program and 100YTT Ayurveda yoga training, also through DevaTree.  I am currently working towards my 500 hour certification and have obtained 350 certified hours of my goal.  I am also fully insured.

Gentle flows and mindfulness, practicing loving kindness, respecting you body and where you are in this moment is especially important to me.  I also believes that you should never sacrifice your body for the glory of the pose.

I have a passion for our chakra system, healing crystals and aromatherapy.  I frequently bring one or more of these to my classes.

I live just outside of Walkerton, Ontario with my husband.  I have two girls, Samantha, currently living in Ottawa attending school.  Ava is my other daughter, living here in Walkerton and works at the studio.  Samava Yoga was lovingly inspired by my girls.

Samava Yoga Studio was created and built on the premise that yoga should to be accessible to every body.  The classes and workshops taught will always offer alternatives and provides props to assist each student in achieving the ability to reach poses within their own comfort.  I believe in the fundamental philosophy of no judgement.  Every body is beautiful and everyone is worthy of self-care and love.  Each student is encouraged and expected to maintain sovereignty over their own bodies.

Samava Yoga Logo.. what does is mean?

You'll notice that arrows, moons and the seed of life, as well as the triple moon goddess symbol are featured in the logo.  These symbols were all very important to me to incorporate and I worked with an amazing artist in England to create just the right balance of meaningful symbolism with some fun and whimsy.

Arrows are symbolic of moving forward.  Life is constantly changing and it's important to embrace change and move forward... fearlessly and with purpose.  Feathers are also important as they symbolize spiritual evolution and celestial wisdom.  The moon is feminine and holds a fascination for me, the power of her energy is undeniable.   The symbol of the seed of life is also important, it is a sacred symbol that represents creation made up of seven circles also representing our chakra energy system.  Quite a lot of intention packed into our logo!

I created the Samava Yoga Studio to help women find their personal truth.  I wanted to provide an outlet in a safe and sacred place to find inner peace and to gain knowledge so you can provide self-care at any time.

Ignite your Inner Goddess and move forward through life with confidence and strength, supported by friendship and wisdom.

Training, Retreats, Conferences and Continuing Education

I believe in life long learning.

Training I have graduated and/or participated in:

October 2018 DevaTree School of Yoga - Cross-Disciplinary(TM) Yoga - 200YTT
February 2019 DevaTree School of Yoga - Restorative Yoga - 50YTT

May 2019 Certified RAD Mobility Myofascial Release & Recovery Specialist

June 2019 Usui Certified Reiki Practitioner Level 1

June 2019 Eva Hamilton Yin Yoga and Myofascial release

October 2019 DevaTree School of Yoga - Down Dogs & Doshas:

An Integrated Approach to Ayurveda and Yoga - 100YTT

October 2019 Usui Certified Reiki Advanced Practitioner Level 2

December 2019 Usui Certified Reiki Master

Trainings and conferences I am scheduled to take in 2020:
YogaFaith Meditation and Nidra Training (In Progress)

Maharisha Integrative AyurVeda Institute Level 1:Health Professionals (In Progress)

iRest Level 1 Teacher Training (In Progress)

June 2020 DevaTree School of Yoga - Anatomy Essentials - 50YTT

 August 2020 DevaTree School of Yoga - Meditation in the Modern Age - 50YTT

October 2020 DevaTree School of Yoga - Beyond the Basics: Advansed Asanas