Jennifer (Jen) Gowan

Buti is community. Buti is growth. Buti is celebrating our strength. Buti is a practice of self-love.

Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret”. The Buti yoga practice, to Jen, offsets our drive to seek external validation for healing. Instead, Buti yoga allows us to find a cure for whatever ails us, - be it trauma, stress, negativity, self-doubt - within us.

The beginning of Jen’s Buti yoga practice took her far outside her comfort zone; were it not for a new friend who encouraged her to join, she never would have gone to that first Buti class. Jen didn’t feel like she was “cool” enough, strong enough, graceful enough… She lived her life in her head and felt comfortable swimming in the waters of self-criticism and perfectionism. Little did she know, attending that first class would be one of the most pivotal moments of her life. After that first class, everything began to change - after all, change is born from discomfort: Jen continued to follow that Buti bliss to more and more classes, and gradually felt the effects bleed into her life off the mat. Jen noticed her body changing and began to celebrate her strength, beauty, and imperfections without reservation or apology. She felt a new sense of community with the women in her life - even those not known to her yet: instead of wondering how she measured up to others, Jen began to celebrate other women. She carved out a space in her life to have fun, take risks, and get out of her head. Jen transformed, - mind, body, and spirit - thanks to Buti.

Jen teaches elementary school French and Music in addition to teaching Buti yoga. She is so excited to bring Buti to her local community of Walkerton!

Buti is for anyone willing to try it: Buti is challenging but fun, full of celebration, and some badass beats to drive it all. Join Jen at Samava Yoga Studio every Monday at 7:00pm. See you on the mat

Vanessa Haack

Vanessa first started attending yoga classes about 5 years ago. She would attend them as she could, but over the years life became busier, limiting time to herself. In the last year, she realized she craved self-care more and more which consisted of two things: massages & yoga. She was excited that a Yoga Teacher Course was coming to Hanover, so she took her Yin Yoga Teaching Training in June 2019.

Yin was the perfect balance to slow down the busy (or "yang") lifestyle that we all know and have. Everyone is always on the go, but sometimes we need a reminder to make time for ourselves and unwind.

Yin yoga is a slow & quiet but relaxing style that focuses on stretching fascia & connective tissue. Poses are generally held 3-5 minutes, but sometimes less amount of time for beginners. Join Vanessa on Tuesday's at 7pm for Yin Yoga!